Complimentary Services

Every potential development or purchase has questions – Some are best answered by accountants, others by consultants and others are best answered by the people on the ground selling the end product..


Contact us today to take advantage of our Complimentary Services, with no fee or obligation:

Expected Yield Study (Raw Land)

Answers the question ‘What Can I Build on this Site?’ – Our intelligence team is well versed on local Official Community Plans, Zoning Bylaws and approval processes in most suburban municipalities. We’ll prepare an Expected Yield Study with the number of units, parking and buildable area together for your review completely free of charge.

Revenue Projections (Raw Land or Designs in Place)

How Much is What I Plan to Build Going to Sell For? – Ever been brought a site and not quite sure about the price per sqft numbers that came along with it? Remember the person bringing you the land may be as honest as the day is long, but without actually being on this side of the business right here, right now, their estimate is really just that, an estimate. We’ll provide an up to date revenue projection you can run a proforma on based on real time data.

Market Study

How are My Competitors Doing? – Ever wondered what the sites down the street are selling for? How sales are really going? What about a complete picture of how the type of product you want to build is doing, in the area you want to build it?

Our intelligence services have connections in the industry, secret shoppers and loads of other tools at our disposal to bring you the most accurate, up to date snapshot of how things look.

FSR Distribution Recommendation

How Big and How Many? – OK so you know how many square feet you can build, now it just comes down to a model on how to distribute it throughout your site! How you decide to answer this question can make or break a proforma. We can’t pretend to know your costs, but we’ll present several different models with Revenue Projections and a saleability rating, and work with you to decide the best fit. From there we can provide examples of layouts, room sizes and even amenities that’ll appeal to your target market.

Design Review

How will the market respond to this design? – Ever been brought a site with plans already in place? Looking for a second set of eyes on designs you’re currently working on? A design review doesn’t mean starting from the ground up, or changing key aspects like parking counts or form and character. Often some very simple tweaks can turn a floorplan from a nay to a yay!